Chinese falconry scene

I receive limited stocks of this rare falconry equipment from China and because of the changing prices from shipment to shipment I issue a price list to those who are interested and contact me.

Payment can be made and is preferred for overseas shipment by PayPal. Please give me your shipping address when requesting a price list.

Click on any of the images below to be taken to a larger image with description.
Tao Xiu, arm sleeve.
Chinese traditional hawking bag
Chinese traditional hawking bag.
Dutch falcon hood made in China
Dutch hoods made by Chinese craftsmen.
Hu Lu, from Ancient Chinese falconry
Hu Lu, water holder.
Lingdang ban, from Ancient Chinese falconry
Lingdang ban, tail mount.
Pigeon fitted with tail whistle
Pigeon Flutes and whistles.
Chinese Falconry Hood
Guan Mao hood, Official hood.
Chinese falconry hood, Ha me tou,
Ha me tou, traditional hood.
Shi piao, Chinese falcon food bowl
Shi piao, food bowl.
Ying huan zi, Imperial swivels.
Zhai wozi, Ancient Chinese falconry
Zhai Wo Zi, trailing creance.
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