Illustrated Falconry talks.

by Alan Gates.

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The following list of falconry talks cover both my experience of trianing, hunting and breeding Golden Eagles but also my hunting experiences with goshawks, falcons, sparrow hawks and merlins both at home and around the world.

Digitally produced presentations of both slides and video clips, each talk is designed to last around one hour plus and covers approximately one hundred images.
For details of costs please contact me by with your requirements.

Falconry Talk, A Passion and the Journey

The Passion and the Journey is a talk about the Passion which for me is Falconry. It starts from my boyhood days taking my first hawk a Kestrel to school, my introduction to training passage goshawks and on to the decades of flying and breeding Golden Eagles.

The Journey is my eventual journey to meet and hunt with the Burkutchi's of Central Asia and my many journeys to hawk with the falconers of China.

Falconry Talk, Following the Snake

Following the Snake is a talk that covers three visits to the wonderful State of Idaho in the U.S.A.

I was drawn to Boise Idaho to meet and spend time with Morley Nelson, one of the greats of American Falconry.

I spent time with Morley in the Snake River Canyon, with Kent Carnie at the Archives of Falconry and at the World Centre for Birds of Prey. I then travel across the State with Bruce Haak hawking ducks as we visit along the way more great falconers.

Falconry Talk, Riding with the Kazakh Eagle Hunters

Riding with the Kazakh Eaglehunters is a talk of my lifelong dream of meeting and hunting with the Berkutchi of western Mongolia and Kyrgyzstan.

The talk covers the many trips in which I have hunted and attended the Eaglehunters festivals held each year.

It covers my trips from north to south of the western provence of Mongolia and to the wonderful time I hunted in the foothills of the mighty Tien Shan mountains overlooking Lake Issyk kul in Kyrgyzstan.

Falconry Talk, Hawking in the land of the Dragon

Hawking in the Land of the Dragon is about Falconry in China, and is a talk of discovery. Although some believed that falconry originated somewhere in the far east, many believed that falconry had just about died out in China.

During my many journeys across China I have become accepted and introduced to Chinese Falconry hunting from North to South with passage goshawks, TuHu falcons, merlins and sparrow hawks in the city streets.

Come with me on a journey into the Northern mountains with the hawk trappers and see how falconry has been practised for millennia.