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Beijing Pigeon Whistles and flutes from China.

OK, I concede this has not been found to be a falconry item but I had to find somewhere to file this page.
Some years ago I was walking through the alleyways of the Hutong in Beijing when my friend and guide Jane exclaimed “Pigeon”. All I could hear was a strange undulating whistle note and returned “don’t be daft woman, that’s no pigeon”.
Within seconds a flock of homing pigeons flew low over my head with this now very loud tune emanating from the flock.
“Pigeon” returned Jane with the tone meaning “You don’t know everything clever clogs”
Apparently one of the flock was fitted with a double tail flute or whistle and this caught the wind as it flew thus emanating the sound. Wow, I was captivated and had to locate one of these items for myself.
As this is another dying custom of Ancient China it was difficult to find much about pigeon whistles and flutes but on a recent visit I struck lucky.
My good friend Wudi introduced me to a unique establisment which translates to “China Fancy Pigeon Conservation Centre”, created by its founded “Wang Shixiang” now ninety three years old. This centre is dedicated to the breeding and preservation of as many ancient Chinese pigeon breeds as possible. It houses some 137 breeds and Wangs interest in many of Chinese cultures lead him to write the definitive book on Chinese Pigeon Whistles.
I was shown around the centre by Mr. Hou the head technician and given a demonstration to the whistles in flight.
Click on the link below to see and hear a little of my visit.

Wang Shixiang and Alan Gates

I was very lucky to meet Wang Shixiang in February 2008. Aged ninety three he is still very much clear headed and enthusiastic. We talked much about his love of falconry, pigeon whistles and crickets.

Wang has authored over fifty books and is a leading authority on many subjects, whilst I was in Beijing I was able to procure a few copies of his wonderful book " Beijing Pigeon Whistles". The book is in dual languages of Mandarin and English and profusely illustrated. If you are very lucky I might have a copy for sale, but they will go fast.


Beijing Pigeon Whistle book
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