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Vadim Gorbatov, Goshawk attacks black grouse at the leck
Out of the Mist.
Black Cock grouse displaying at the leck when “out of the mist” comes a deadly assassin. Northern goshawks use every advantage at their disposal for a stealthy attack, and a low approach from the forest across the mist covered moorland reeks pandemonium for all the hens of the covey. Only the Black Cock who stares out his rival the longest will probably fall victim to the goshawks talons.
This painting once again shows Vadim’s complete understanding of a goshawks hunting behaviour.
Signed print - A4 size at £15.00 + postage.
Signed print - A3 size at £25.00 + postage.
Signed print - A3+ size at £30.00 + postage.
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