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Vadim Gorbatov Burkutchi
Kazakh Berkutchi. Betpakdala Winter.

An evocative scene and one for me that feels so familiar, for I have hunted with Kazakh's who tie their quarry (often a fox) to the rear of the saddle.
This berkutchi is the only one catching black-tail and saiga antelopes as well as the red fox.
Betpak dala, the vast southern central desert of Kazakhstan is hot in summer and a cold hard place in winter. Life will be tough in this terrain as is seen in this image. The Tazi hounds are not carrying an extra ounce of flesh whereas the Kazakh horse is taking every opportunity to graze the frozen scrub or eat the snow for moisture.
The inevitable ravens are a nice touch in the sky as well as the Berkut adjusting the position of her replaced hood or Tomaga.

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