Hooded White Gyrfalcon by Joseph Wolf.
One of the finest portraits in falconry history is the hooded white gyrfalcon from the “Traite de Fauconnerie”.
This full-size, full-colour reprinting of the world’s most famous falconry print was produced by the Bate and Slice Society in 1976 as a limited edition of 750 copies.
Joseph Wolf’s stunning portrait of the hooded white gyrfalcon from Schlegel and Wulverhorst’s “Traite de Fauconnerie.” This classic volume has been acclaimed as one of the one hundred finest books ever printed, chiefly because of the magnificence of its life-sized, natural colour plates depicting the birds of European falconry. Describing that work in the well-known “Coursing and Falconry”, Gerald Lascelles states: “The illustrations, from the pencil of Wold, are in themselves an education in falconry.” The portrait of the hooded white gyrfalcon is clearly the finest of the entire collection.

This print more than fulfils the highest standards set by the Society ! This print is an EXACT, full-colour reproduction of the original life-sized lithograph, measuring 20.5 inches by 27.5 inches. Generous borders have been added to facilitate framing. The very finest, most technically accurate lithographic techniques are used and no effort was spared to provide the falconry community with the most accurate possible rendition of this artistic masterpiece which has won enthusiastic worldwide acclaim from falconers and non-falconers alike!

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